Country Loving

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Working in the barn Terri heard a car pull up in the driveway.I’m not expecting anyone she thought. Hiding behind her black cowgirl hat she walked out into the sun to see who was there. She saw a black Lexus. Oh great a city sleeker lost she mumbled. Sweat beaded off her neck. Her eyes fixed unto the ground she walked over to the parked car. The windows were tinted. This guy better not be a jerk or he’s going to find my ten foot snake skin boots up his city sleeking ass she thought. Sweat beaded off her neck. Her eyes fixed to the ground she walked over to the parked car. The windows were tinted. The engine shut off and the door opened. There was no guy in that car but a woman. Shoulder length red hair, blue eyes, 5’6″, and about 120 pounds. Terri eyed this woman up.

“Can I help you?” She finally managed to say.

“Yes I’m looking for Terri Winters. Is this her place?”

“Yes it is. I’m Terri. What can I do for ya?”

“Can we go inside and talk? It’s hot out here.”

“No shit look where your at. Well who are ya before I let you go anywhere?”

“I’m Cheryl McCaine Attorney at Law.”

“Oh who’s suing me now?”

“No one is it has to do with your father.”

“He wasn’t in my life. What does he got for me now?”

Terri’s face turned red. Cheryl thought she should be a redhead with that temper. Terri’s tan distracted Cheryl. I can’t get like that.

“So?” Her thoughts interrupted by Terri’s voice.

“Well I hate to be the one to break the news to you but he’s dead. Your in his will. He has something for you but you got to come to Chicago. The reading of the will is going to be there.”

“What are you out of ya cotton picking city sleeking mind? I’ve never been in the city and don’t really plan on going now. Anyways I don’t got a car so even if I wanted to go I can’t.”

“It’s your lucky day. I got one. Do you want to go or not? You might be surprised by what he left.”

“Fine I guess I’ll go. Let me go pack a bag.”

Terri went up the front porch and stopped. She looked back at Cheryl and smiled. Cheryl stood and watched as Terri’s extra large Levi blue jeans disappeared into the house. Great she thought I’m going to spend my time with a country hick who listens to dogs dying and wives leaving and she’s probably a drunk as well. Terri came out with an army duffel bag. The clicking of her spurs on the ground began to irritate Cheryl. She opened the trunk.

“Put the bag in the trunk so we can go.”

Cheryl took Terri’s bag and tossed it into the trunk. Terr went and sat in the passengers seat putting her feet up on the dash. Cheryl got in.

“Get your spurs off the dash. You’ll scratch it.”

Terri laughed and roughly put her feet on the floor. Cheryl started the car. Not soon after she did Terri reached over and turned on the radio fiddling with the knob. She turned it to the local country radio station. Cheryl gritted her teeth as Kenny Chesney sang Shift Work. Terri looked at Cheryl and smiled. Cheryl’s buttons were being pushed. She somewhat liked the feeling. Cheryl began to back out. The sooner we get to Chicago the better. Terri began to sing a long to Sugarland’s Want To as Kenny’s song came to an end. Cheryl looked at her. She began to watch intently forgetting she was driving. Her voice was like an angle thought Cheryl.

“Eyes on the road city sleeker.”

Cheryl began to blush.

“Sorry you have such a beautiful voice.”

“Thanks but one of us wants to make it to Chicago.”

Cheryl looked back at the road. Terri stopped singing and just stared out the window not saying a word. An hour passed and Chery couldn’t take the silence any longer.

“The silence is killing me. Can you tell me what your thinking?”

Terri thought well why should I? Instead she said:

“I was thinking about my father. He was never really there for me. My first step, to riding a bike and to even drivin a car. He wasn’t there. Now he has me in his will and I’m travelling to Chicago just to find out what it is. He left my mother for another woman when I was only four years old. Stopped by when ever he was in town on business. Never gave me anything in my life but regretting to call him my father. What is the sense in all of this? When my mom came down sick I lived with my Aunt. He just stopped his visits all together. I hated him more then. When she died of breast cancer he never showed at her funeral. I sent letters after letters telling him to come. All I got was fifty bucks and a note that said “Here’s for the trouble.” I ripped up the money. I felt it was dirty. I didn’t want it. That was the last I heard from him.”

Terri sighed heavily. Cheryl reached out her hand.

“I’m sorry. Don’t you want to know what happened to him?”

“In a way I do but in a way I don’t care.”

Cheryl took the exit speaking as she went off.

“Do you want me to tell you?”

Terri sat and thought. She wanted to know but she hated him even though he was her father. He could’ve seen her and not neglect her like he did. Finally she spoke,

“I guess ya can tell me. I am not sympathetic to this man. Look what he as done to me!”

“Well it was his liver. The drinking he did finally caught up to him. Martha the maid found him laying on the floor with an empty bottle of vodka.”

Terri looked at Cheryl briefly then looked back out the window. Cheryl wanted to know what she was thinking but knew that Terri had enough for one day.

“We’ll drive for about two more hours and then we’ll get a motel. Will you go half?”

“Why should I? I’m your guest.” Terri said with a smile. “Of course I can go half. I may work on a farm but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any money.”

“What did you do to get the money? Sleep with the local cowboys?”

Terri’s face grew red with anger. “For ya info city sleeker I write poetry and  I have two books published. I’m not famous with my writing but it’s a livin. I get paid for it, besides the work I do on the farm.”

Terri stared out the window as she said “Plus I am not into guys!”

“What haven’t found the right one to deal with you and your attitude?”

“No..I’m…OH forget it. Ya city sleekers don’t understand it.”

“Understand what? Try me!”

Turning towards Cheryl, Terri said “I’m a Lesbian!”

Cheryl’s mouth opened. She wanted to say something but couldn’t. Terri took her hat off.

“Hello butch under here.”

Terri puth her hat back on and looked back out the window. Cheryl kept driving. Silence remained between them.


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