earn free giftcards through mypoints!

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go to www.mypoints.com and sign up, once there they will ask you to fill out a profile worth points, these will be your bonus points and mypoints will send you daily bonus-mail for you to read and earn 5 points for reading each one, also you’ll be sent survey opportunity mail earning you around 5-200 points if you qualify, if you do no qualify ten you’ll still be rewarded 10 points. also log into the site at least once a day and click on the easy point link where there are offers which earn you points based on the information provided. you can get max points each month, the more offers you do which are considered for the max points, the more points you’ll earn, up to 6,000.refer friends and family, those points for referrals will add up quickly. they also have printable coupons which you can use at most stores, and for each one you receive 10 points, for every 5 out of each month get an extra 25 points. see as the points grow fast, you can also do cash shopping through the shopping portal and receive points per dollar spent.so quickly these points will dd up and you can soon have your reward, they come in $10-$100 gift cards. some of the stores that are paricipating ould be walmart, startbcks, L.L. bean, target, macys, barnes & noble, starbucks, bp & shell gs stations and more!!  i hope this advice was helpful and i hope you decide to join and be rewarded with free gift cards!


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