The Head Cheerleader Chapter 2

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The bell rang and Leah grabbed her stuff and was about to go out the door when Mrs. Berkley stopped her.

“Leah you need to improve on your grades or your going to fail. If there’s anything I can do let me know.”

“Yeah OK.” Like I am really going to come to you she thought.

Sarah didn’t have the time to help. Who would? She thought. She walked out the door and straight into Nicole. Books and papers flew. Both got knocked to the floor.

“Oh I am so sorry.” Leah stammered out.

Nicole just shrugged as if it happened everyday to her. Leah gathered her things and then began to help Nicole with hers. Leah reached for the red notebook just as Nicole’s hand reached for it. Their hands lightly touch. Nicole pulled away startling Leah.


“Don’t worry. It’s fine.”

Leah thought of the feeling of Nicole’s hand on hers and she liked it. The blue nail polish matched her eyes.

“Thanks for helping me.”

“No problem. After all it was my fault and I’m really sorry.”

“Ah it’s OK. I overheard that you need help with English.”

“Yeah I do but I don’t know anyone who is willing to do it.”

“What about Sarah?”

“She doesn’t have the time with work and all.”

“Well I can help you if you want.”

“You could?”

“Yes so that way you don’t fail.”

“I would appreciate it. When can we start?”

“How about today after school since there is no cheer-leading practice.”

“Sure. Your place or mine?”

“Probably yours. My family is very religious and all. I know that your a…lesbian.”

“It’s alright I understand.”

“I’ll meet you at your car after school.”

“OK sounds good. Thanks for doing this for me.”

“Your welcome.”

Nicole smiled and walked away. Leah followed her with her eyes watching her hips sway. Glancing down she realized Nicole forgot the red notebook. Leah picked it up. Hoping to give it back to her as soon as she could.

She headed off to art with Ms. Larissa Gene. She preferred to be called Larissa. The smell of clay filled the room. Ms. Larissa sat behind the desk as the bell rang. Leah came in and sat at her table waiting for the instructions to begin.

“Good Morning class. Today we’re going to start our clay projects. Remember it can be anything you want it to be. Be creative!”

With that everyone got to work. Leah already knew what she was going to make. She was good with her hands so this won’t take too long to do. It was going to be the best thing she ever created. By the end of the period she had the lower half of her clay model done. The detail was spectacular. Long legs. The curvation of the lips. After-all was said and done it looked perfect. Ms. Larissa walked around and acknowledged everyone’s work. She got to Leah and stopped rubbing her chin.

“Wow Leah this is amazing but your going to have to cover up the private area.”

“What? Why? It’s showing the beauty of a woman.”

“I know but you never know what the advisers will think. I personally think it’s fine the way it is.”

“It’s my sculpture. I am keeping it like it is. The advisers can take a chair and shove it up their……” She stopped.

Leah stormed out of the room. Ms. Larissa stood there just speechless.

Leah got down to lunch and it sure was packed. Mystery meat for lunch. Ah no thanks Leah thought. She placed her stuff on the table and went up to grab an apple and some water. She sat down and began to eat her apple. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Nicole sitting with her friends. The curvation of her jaw. Those lips. Leah shuddered. She had to stop thinking about Nicole like that. Nicole glanced over at Leah. Leah turned quickly hoping Nicole wouldn’t see that her face was bright red. She quickly got up and left the cafeteria and headed to her car.

Oh fuck she thought Nicole is going to help me with English. She fiddle with her hat as she sat waiting in her car for Sarah and Nicole. Sarah was the first to show. Instead of climbing in she went over to Leah’s side.

“I’m getting a ride with Mark. SO you don’t have to wait for me.”

“Shit you mean I got to ride with Nicole by myself.”

“Wait. What?”

“Yeah she’s going to help me with my English so I don’t fail.”

“Sorry Leah I didn’t know. You’ll be fine though. Plus you think she’s cute anyways.”

“So what if I do? She’s probably as straight as an arrow flying through the air.”

“You never know.”

“Yeah maybe but I am not holding my breath. I might turn blue.”

Sarah left and Leah waited for Nicole. Nicole appeared coming down the hill a couple of minutes later. Tears were streaming down her face. The tears glistened in the sun.


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