How to find cheap CDs

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“Garunteed Lowest Total Price!” “Satisfaction Garuteed!” “Save up to 50%!” These promises seem to pour in the moment you begin looking for Cd’s online, but don’t bite at the first worm offered.  There are great ways to find cheap media online without paying through the nose.

First: Have a clear idea of what you are looking for.  Shopping online without a clear idea of what you’re looking for is like heading to the grocery store without a list.  You will end up buying too much of what you don’t need and none of the things you do need.

Second: Be cautious – there are tons of new overnight “.com” stores ready to make a deal.  Too often these sites have hidden fees or can’t deliever the mechandise in a timely fashion.  Start with the most trusted sources for online sales.  Those businesses that have been tested –;;;

Thrid: If you truely want the best deals out there and don’t mind putting a small amount of effort into your CD collection.  Consider downloading your album.  You can quickly build a music library for a fraction of the cost of standard CD’s.  Within minutes you can buy and download entire albums for as low as $2.50.  Burn them to a CD or load them to your phone, mp3 player, or ipod.  It’s that easy.  Here are some of the best sites out there:

Soundlike – Best site:




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