Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth… Healthfully

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth… Healthfully

Have a craving for something sweet? Instead of giving-in to your sweet tooth with something unhealthy, get the best of both worlds and learn how to make a healthy cup of hot cocoa.


  • Lowfat or skim milk
  • unsweetened cocoa
  • pinch of salt
  • cinnamon
  • Splenda
  • Non-fat Cool Whip


In a microwave-safe mug, heat a mug almost full of low fat or skim milk for a minute and a half (time will vary with different microwaves).  Next add about 1 TBS of unsweetened cocoa powder (more or less to taste) slowly, stirring and fully mixing into the warmed milk. Once the cocoa has been completely blended with the milk, add a couple of Splenda packets (your preference on the amount). Now, add a very small pinch of salt and some cinnamon (salt is a flavor enhancer, and cinnamon is optional). For extra yummy-ness, add some low- or non-fat cool whip to the top.

  • Try adding vanilla for flavoring.
  • Don’t heat the milk up- you can burn your tongue!!!

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