How to Vacation in Alexandria, Virginia

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Accommodations: My wife and I stayed at the Wyndham Resort downtown Alexandria. The hotel is fashioned around the colonial period. It is located on King Street, the main street downtown Alexandria. The accommodations were very good and spacious. Check-in is quick and the staff very friendly. Parking is challenging. Wyndham shares parking with the Hilton. This Resort had a good size pool, a good size exercise room, the game room left much to be desired, laundry facilities are available and free.

Food: Alexandria offers a good variety of food. Many of the restaurants were Irish Pubs. There was a Jamaican restaurant, fast food restaurants, Greek food restaurants. The best restaurant of all had to have been Chart House seafood restaurant. My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner near a big window overlooking the river. The staff was absolutely fabulous. The chef comes out and checks on you, the manager, and the waiter all so courteous. By the way, if you stay at the Wyndham Resort, have their staff to call the Chart House for reservations so that you can receive VIP treatment. You even receive dessert free and a 10% discount. Be prepared to pay at least 50$ – 75$ for the meal. Trust me! It was well worth it.

Transportation: You can actually ride a free trolley downtown or you can catch the subway to go into Washington, DC. Just follow the color coded directory to go where you want to go. This mode of transportation will really come in handy when it hits the rush hour in the mornings and the afternoons. The cost for the subway going straight to D.C. from Alexandria was approximately $4.00. You cannot beat that amount after you figure how much gas you will waste sitting in very long lines on Interstate -95.


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