The Truth About Blogging For Money

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Disclaimer: I don’t actually make any money off of my blog, because I am under eighteen and thus ineligible for Google AdSense. This is based off of multiple sources. The poetry experience is all mine.

They’re everywhere. ‘Get rich online!’ Is the new thing. Blogging has become huge, and even sites like this one are flocked to daily by dozens-if not hundreds or thousands-of new writers. They’re everywhere, thinking they can get rich quick, or make an easy living from home.

The first thing is that you never, ever pay for content on how to ‘get rich quick’, for two reasons. The first is that they are without fail scams, and the second is that they are also lies. It is impossible to get rich quickly unless you win the lottery or something equivalent. Especially considering the current state of the economy-at least in North America.

However, there are people who do make their living as freelancers, as writers. It’s not impossible; it’s a long, hard road, and almost impossible, but not quite. The number of bloggers who make a living off of blogging is probably something like one percent, if that. My writing blog has been up for over a year now and I still have about twenty to thirty readers a day. The readership doesn’t grow as quickly as you would probably like; in a way it’s a test of willpower and strength.

For those of you who are willing to go through the first six months of blogging during which you’ll probably never see a comment-in fact I rarely do-and your stats will probably be coming in with incredibly low numbers, I have learned a thing or two about blogging.

The first thing is to know your target audience. You find yourself a topic that you know well-and that you can continue to produce information related to for an extended period of time without it getting boring and without running out of information-and you start with that. A domain blog will attract more attention, but it’s probably better to start off with a free blog and move to a domain later-unless your blog is an extension of an existing website.

The biggest moneymakers are about politics, cars, current things; but we aren’t all willing to or ready to blog about such things.

Once you’ve chosen a name for your blog and a general idea, post an introductory entry. Some of us go on to plan out some future entries; some of us brainstorm-and others, well, we wing it. (That’s usually my method.) But that introductory entry is important.

The next step is to comment on other people’s blogs. Readers of those blogs click on links to yours. The writers usually pay you a visit-common courtesy amongst bloggers-and some of them also do comment recognition posts at the end of every month, which links to you.

For each blog entry you write-and one per day is the best possible number, or more in a day-post a comment on someone else’s blog. You will reap the benefits.

On a note related to blogging-do other things to get your name out there. Send articles to magazines; put your blog into your bios. Send out short stories or poetry, whatever you write. Self-publish a collection of your favourite blog posts on or another self publishing site. None of these things in and of themselves are going to make you much money, not for a long time; my own poetry collection has sold a total of three copies to date. But if you work at it long enough and hard enough, you can make it in the world.

The truth about blogging for money? It’s a long, hard road, and not something to quit your day job for. If you still want to pursue it-well, good luck.


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