10 Top Tips To Help You Save Gas

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Regardless of the price of gas, a little bit of extra money for doing very little extra work is always appreciated. Here are my ten top tips on how to save gas:

1. Be Gentle!

There is probably no easier way to reduce your gas usage than just by being gentle on the pedals. If you accelerate and decelerate gently your truck uses less gas. By being gentle you will also add to the lifespan of your pedals; and you don’t want a maintenance bill for breaking your pedals if you’re trying to save money.

2. Care For Your Vehicle!

On the topic of maintenance; keep your vehicle well maintained. You would never push yourself to your limits when you weren’t in good enough condition so don’t make your vehicle do that either.

3. Don’t Turn Left!

For US readers this is a great idea. Try to avoid turning left because it is quicker to turn right and you will travel less distance. Less distance and less waiting to turn onto the road equals better gas optimization and less money spent.

4. Combine Needless Journeys!

Why do two trips when you can do one? If you can do fewer journeys you should. It’s all about saving the gas and you’re obviously going to save more gas by doing less journeys..

5. Plan Your Route In Advance!

It may take those extra few minutes before you set off but it could save you a few dollars when you would otherwise be stopped, engine running, wondering where to go next. If you know where you are going there will be less stoppages and more gas!

6. Use The Correct Type Of Gas!

You would likely drink an energy drink, water or juice before doing some sort of sport. Look after your vehicle in the same way. By giving it the same fuel as recommended in the manufacturer’s handbook, you are giving your vehicle the healthy alternative and priming it for a longer, more efficient life

7. Turn Your Engine Off!

If you get stuck in traffic for twenty minutes don’t sit there and complain with the engine running. You’ll be wasting gas. Turn your engine off then sit there and complain away!

8. Walk!

Walking is yet another very simple trick but one that is usually forgotten. Don’t make short journeys when you could walk. Save the gas, money and help your health.

9. Reduce Drag!

Take any unneeded items out of your truck and leave them at home. It will reduce your vehicle’s mass therefore decreasing drag and allowing you the better air resistance, that will save you fuel.

10. Switch To LPG!

Switch to LPG. LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas and is a cheaper alternative to other fuels as it lasts longer. It will cost a little to upgrade but it will be worth it in the long run.

After doing all this you can sleep safe in the knowledge you have saved money, your health and done your little bit to help the environment by saving that extra bit of gas.


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