Atheism is More Human

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Humans are the most intelligent creatures in the known universe, because they have a well-developed brain. A person uses his brain only when (i) he is free, (ii) he has self-confidence, and (iii) he wants to perform.

Belief in the existence of God, makes a person puppet of circumstances deficient of self-confidence to be able to do something by himself, and a dependent on the fiction of God’s grace. Such a person thinks that he himself is nothing, capable of nothing, and whatever is done by somebody is under control of some Godly factor. Such a person does not and can not use his brain, because the brain is required to perform with self-motivation and confidence. So his brain gets deteriorated day-by-day, and one day he becomes slave of his circumstances fully and finally.He remains no more a human. So, it is the Atheism which motivates the person to use his brain, and so become more Human. Super-humans are evolved from such people only, hence are products of Atheism.

Does it mean that all God-believing persons are without intellect ? Yes, as well as No. Having faith in the existence of God is one thing quite different from public display of faith in the God’s existence. All persons who claim to be close to, or in love with God, do not necessarily have faith in the existtence of God. Many of these do so, as their business to lead a lvish life without doing any productive work. These are parasites of human society.

This divides the whole human population into three distinct groups –

(i) those in business of public display of Godliness, but having no faith in it,

(ii) those innocent souls.who believe the first group and have true faith in God. This group is the most sufferer, and

(iii) those who have no faith in the existence of God or the Godly persons, and depend on their own self. These are the real honest human-beings.


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