How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts

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Tired of the endless shopping lines, trying to find that perfect gift for everyone? This can be emotionally and financially draining, causing many people to dread the shopping countdown.Why not give a fun, individualized gift, and spare yourself all the long lines at the malls and stores. Here’s how to save your money, time and sanity while making this the best Christmas ever.

Handmade gifts by you can be more meaningful and unique than going to Walmart or another chain to buy the same thing everyone else is. Think of some crafty skill that you have, and make a few things for gifts. Check out stores like Michael’s, JoAnn’s and other crafts -stores for ideas and supplies. You’ll be surprised at what is there for you to do, there’s many kits for doing things from making jewelry, to making painted boxes of all types and the cost is very low. If you know how to knit or crochet, there are a lot of free patterns online, and at craft and yarn stores and you can make a simple scarf or hat pretty quickly, for very little money. There’s even mirror etching kits, candle-making supplies and kits or supplies to make purses with beautiful bamboo handles. To do collages, you just need poster board, glue and some images-either from magazines, or scrapbooking papers, or old photos and nice images from books that you can color copy. Then you may want to cover the finished product with some protectant spray or gloss/matte -clear paint. If you have any sewing skills, you can make a few simple things by up-cycling materials and using a little creativity. You can find patterns for laptop bags, clutch purses, totes and many other things that are very simple to make and require very little skill or materials. Check out some of the resources for more ideas.

If you don’t feel that you are creatively inclined, you can support the small business people who are by buying hand-made, orginal and one-of-a-kind art by shopping on Etsy. If you have never been to the Etsy website, you will find it is a shopping experience unlike anyother, anywhere in the world. In fact, the merchants are spread throughout the globe! For the price of a very generic gift card to a main-chain store, you can pay for a wonderful handmade gift that you’ll find no where else. See resources below for a link to Etsy.

Finding unique beautiful gifts can be difficult, but I’ve been very successful finding great deals at Art Museum gift shops, and even the gift shop at my local library. These often have some of the proceeds of the gifts go to the library or museum, so your purchase is actually helping people too!!

As for basics, such as Xmas lights, stockings and stocking-stuffers, and things of that sort you must try your local dollar store- they have many great things like that, you may be surprised. The have everything from candles, to kitchen towels, gloves and scarfs and socks (all of which are great for most people as stocking stuffers.


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