How to Build the Best Pokemon

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Do you ever get frustrated with your Pokemon getting beat every time you fight with it? Here is a way you can make a Pokemon bring out its full potential. There are several different kinds of Pokemon “Jobs” in battle. The basic jobs are Physical Sweeper, Special Sweeper, Physical Wall, Special Wall, Healers and Tanks.

Physical Sweepers are Pokemon like Machamp that use direct attacks like low kick and dynamic punch and have high attack and speed stats to take out opponents quickly.

Special Sweepers are Pokemon such as Alakazam that have high speed and special attack stats and use special attacks like psybeam and shadow ball to take out opponents quickly.

Physical Walls are Pokemon with high HP and defense that make physical moves almost useless against them.

Special Walls are Pokemon with high HP and special defense that make special moves almost useless against them.

Healers are Pokemon who work to keep the rest of your Pokemon in good health.

Tanks are Pokemon who have high attack and defense or special attack and defense scores so they can take a beating and keep on going.

What you need:

· A Nintendo DS

· Pokemon Pearl or Diamond

· Time

This is what you need to do:

  1. Pick whichever Pokemon you want to train and then figure out which moves you want it to know. Breeding a Pokemon is the best way for you to get a fresh start. However, just catching a Pokemon is fine too. Each Pokemon has a nature that helps its stats grow like hasty increases speed but decreases defense (See nature chart at the Psypokes Pokemon website – in the resources below).
  2. Once you have your Pokemon with the correct nature for whatever job you are having it do, you will have to start giving it EV points. EV points are hidden values that you get for defeating other Pokemon. Just think of them as EXP for your stats. For every four EV points you get in a specific stat, it will gain one point of that kind when the Pokemon levels up. However, you can only put 255 points into each stat and you can only have 510 points combined in all stats. If you were training a Pokemon for special attack stats, you would go after Golduck because it gives you two special attack EVs for every one you defeat. In addition, there are special “power” items that you can get in the Battle Park that increase each stat when you level up.
  3. Before you start battling with the Pokemon you are going to train, you should go to the Veilstone Department Store (if you haven’t beaten the Pokemon League yet) or the Battle Park (if you have beaten the Pokemon League) and buy ten vitamins of whatever vitamin raises the EV points you need like carbos for speed and iron for defense. Why ten? Why not get twenty-five and max it out? Because they only affect the pokemon for the first 100 EV points and no more.
  4. Now that you have your Pokemon nice and healthy, go to an area that has a Pokemon that gives you the corresponding EVs for the stat you are trying to increase. Battle just that one Pokemon until it has gotten 255 EV points.
  5. For any other Pokemon or stats, repeat steps three and four. After you think you have maxed out your Pokemon’s EVs, then fly to Sunyshore City and go to the bigger market. Inside you will see a woman behind a counter. Walk up to her and talk to her while the Pokemon you have been training is in the front slot of your belt. If you haven’t filled out your Pokemon’s EVs then she will say, “It needs to work a little harder”. If you have, then she will reward you with the effort ribbon for your troubles.

Additional Tips:

~ A good way to get more money for vitamins is to battle the old couple south of Hearthome City repeatedly using the VS seeker while your Pokemon holds an amulet coin.

~ Refer to the Smogon strategy pokedex to see the best builds for your Pokemon.

~ If you accidentally put EV points in the wrong area then not all is lost! All you need are some certain berries; these will lower the unwanted EV points and make your Pokemon happier. Pomeg lowers HP, Kelpsy lowers attack, Qualot lowers defense, Hondew lowers Sp. attack, Grepa lowers Sp. defense, and tamato lowers speed.

~ Some of these tips will not work for Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.


~ Read the warnings included with each video game to avoid unnecessary health hazards.


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