Everyday Art: Dramatic Doors that Beg to Be Walked Through

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Doors are symbols of opportunity and change.  The unknown lies behind each door, just waiting for discovery.  The doors themselves can be objects of art and can help to add color and flair to the most boring existence.  These doors show how the ordinary can become extraordinary.


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These beautiful, scrolled iron work doors add charm and elegance to an otherwise, pink entranceway.  They are gorgeous while still creating an extra layer between inside and outside.


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These doors themselves are painted plain white but the entranceway around it is a colorful and beautiful expression of creativity in mosaic.  This entrance is anything but ordinary.


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These mirrored, sculptural doors show a combination of what lies within and reflections of what lies outside.  These doors are so much different than anything I’ve ever seen before.  They seem to belong underwater almost.  It’s amazing what creative heights the human mind can strive for.


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Sometimes the ordinary can become extrordinary by the repeated use of mundane objects.  This knotty wood door is dotted with bolt ends and nuts to transform it into a beautiful entrance.


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Sometimes paint is what is required to elevate a doorway into something noteworthy.  The colors and patterns in this doorway mural make it stand out.


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This airport bathroom is unlike any I’ve ever visited.  Besides being clean and seemingly without a giant line, the art on the stalls is outstanding!  What a great idea.


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In this instance, vivid colors are all that is required to make the doorways inviting.  These doors become works of art when placed in a world of beige and cream.


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And don’t forget the van murals!  These van doors are definitely different…  Beautiful color and shading on this mural make these doors a “must-see”.


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Stained glass has been a creative means of expression for many, many years.  These Tiffany style doors beckon passers by to enter and see what lies within.


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The forest on these doors allow a peak between the trees to the store within.  They offer mystery and charm instead of a mere obstacle to pass before entering.


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These doors are reminiscent of the sun and the beams of light it sends across the universe.  The copper allows for all sorts of beautiful hues.  Imagine walking through these every day…


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Religions of all kinds have beautiful art and outstanding architecture.  These doors are at the Hassan Deux Mosque.  The children playing outside allow a perspective of just how massive this doorway is.


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These doors are the entrance to Kumari Ghar.  The exquisite carvings cover the entire entrance way, culminating in the arch over the door of many different gods and religious symbols.


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These beautiful doors at Grace Church images depict Christ’s life.  These huge doors are a statement to both believers and non believers alike.


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Sometimes the beauty needs to be searched out.  These door hinges on a craftsman style home are incredibly intricate and tiny.  Yet, they make an enormous difference in the artistic feel of the door way.

I’ve always believed that you will find what you look for.  If you look for ugliness, you will find it.  And if you look for beauty, you will find that.  These forms of everyday art can be used as inspiration to continue searching for beauty in the ordinary.  Here are the links to my other “everyday art” articles, in case you’re interested.


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