Citrus Soap and Salt Bath Collection

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This collection is great for the citrus lovers in your life.  It boasts three different citrus oils that are all very good for the skin.  I would not recommend people with oily skin use these products as they offer superb moisture for the skin and may add to the problem.  Both the soap and the bath salt can be used to exfoliate as the soap contains chunks of loofa and the salt can be rubbed on the skin.  This collection is ideal for mature skin but can be used by anyone over the age of 12. 

Citrus Loofa Soap

2 Parts white glycerin soap base

1 Part clear glycerin soap base

2 inches of a medium sized loofa, chopped

Lime essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil

Orange essential oil 

For this recipe you will need two double boilers or whatever you use to melt your soap bases with.  Find the mold or molds you are going to use and prepare with a mold release. (I use petroleum jelly.)  After you have done this, place the loofa chunks in the bottom of the mold or molds.  They will float to the top of the soap during setting. You will need to melt your soap so that it is ready at the same time.   When fully melted, add your oils to the bases. I added lime and grapefruit essential oils to the clear soap base and orange essential oil to the white soap base.  Pour the soap into your molds at the same time.  If you are pouring into more then one mold, I would suggest mixing the two before you pour them. 

Citrus Milk Bath Salt 

1 Part finely ground sea salt

2 Parts Epsom Salt

1 Part powdered milk

Lime essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil

Orange essential oil

Put sea salt in the bottom of a sealable container large enough to hold all ingredients.  Add the essential oils in the amounts you have decided on.  If you wish to color your bath salt, add liquid colorants that are safe for bath products.  Do not use food coloring.  It will dye your skin as well as the salt.   Use the flat of a spoon to grind the color and oils into the sea salt, until evenly distributed.  Next add milk and Epsom salt, and stir very well.  Store in a sealable container and shake daily for a week before use.


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