How to Set Up a Windows Password and Additional Accounts

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You are so excited because you bought your first computer or laptop, but you don’t know how to use it. You are worried that others might log in to your computer and steal your information. Or maybe you want to be private and don’t want others to know what you have. You want to learn how to set a Windows password so no one can get into your computer. If you decide to add additional accounts for family members, you could to this. But remember: You are the only one who could set up accounts and have privileges to change their passwords. The owner of the account could also change their own password.

To set your own Windows password is not that hard. First of all you need to locate the start button located at the left lower side. Once you located this click on the button. This will take you to the control panel located at the right side next to the computer. Once you click on the control panel it will take you to a list of categories. You want to choose category user account. Then click on that you will see a page that says pick a task. Once you are in the page you could change an account, create a new account change on the user log on or off. You even could pick an account to change. If you add a password to your account, confirm it, and then add a password hint. The password hint would help in case if you forget your password. Windows will shows the hint you entered to help you remember it. If you want to change your account password, name, picture, or change account type click on pick an account to change. There you will see a list which you could pick and then confirm.

If you want to set up additional accounts go to start, click on control panel, and then click on create account. Type the name of the new account, and click next. This will take you to pick an account type. You could pick computer administrator or limited. If you choose computer administrator you can create, delegate or change accounts. You could install programs and access files. After you decide what you want to pick, click the next button, and then you will see your new account.

If you want to add a picture to your account is easy. If you don’t like those pictures you could add your own. This could be your own personal picture, or from the computer. Choose start, control panel, and add or remove user accounts. Once you are there click on the change picture. You could pick a picture from the computer or you could browse to see more pictures of your choices. When you decide click and open this should get the picture you want.

If you want to switch user account you could do this by logging off. This could be your account or someone else. But you can have only one open account at a time. You click on start, and then click log off. Choose switch user. Then you will see user names, click on the username you want to log on. If the user has a protected password, enter the password and click the arrow button to login.


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