Job Interviews: Answering Frequently-Asked Questions

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When you are called for an interview, you wonder what kind of questions they are going to ask you. You wonder if they are going to be hard questions or easy ones. I have been to many interviews, and I have heard all kinds of questions. Every interviewer asks different questions. From my experience, here are the most common ones they will ask:

The first thing the interviewer would ask you is “Tell me about yourself”? To answer these questions you should start by telling them you full name and how old are you. Then you could follow up by telling them how many children you have and if you are married. You could also mention your special skills education and training you have. You could go on telling them about were you currently lived and what places have you been. Try not to make it long. This should be a summary about your self. The reason the employers ask this question is that they want to know if they are going to like you.

Another question they might ask you is “Do you prefer working with others or by yourself”? This question you need to think how you are going to respond. The employer might have you work in groups or by yourself so you need to be positive both ways. You could answer by telling them that it does not bother you working by yourself or with someone. You could say that you are open to anything thing that comes your way and you are a team player.

Do you have plans to continue your education? This could be a tricky question because some employers want you to continue your education and succeed. Other employers want to know if you are going to be full time and no interruptions while working on the job. They want to know you will be there without missing work to go to school. If you planned to continue, your educations do not lied and tell them the true. Be honest and tell them that education is very important for you, and if continuing working there at the same time you might bring something good to the company.

How do you spend your spare time? You could answer this question by telling them you spend time with family or go to church. In addition, they might ask you, “What are your hobbies”? You could tell them what you enjoyed during when not working. I loved reading during my spare time. I also love sewing when I am not working. These are just hobbies you could tell your employer.

What have you learned from some of the jobs you have held? These questions you could answer by stating everything positive. Never be negative about a job. Always use positive words when talking about the job. Talk about what you learn and who influence you when working at the other jobs. I would say I learn a lot from my previous jobs that this made me become a better person.

In what kind work environment are you most comfortable? This question is asking if you like to work at a busy work site or a slow work site. This could be how many people work there or the setting. I personally like working with many people and a fast pace. I feel that if I work with less people at a slow pace and get bore easily. That is up to you how to answer the question.

How do work under pressure? If you are, ask this question you should stop and think how you are going to answer. This is a very important question because the employer wants to know if you could handle some responsibilities if hired for the job. My answer would be I could work well under pressure. I could complete my work on time and without supervision. I am very calm person and complete task on time. I love to the challenge. How would you describe the ideal job for you? I would describe my ideal job to be a safe environment to work and fun. Why did you decide to seek a position with this company? I decided to seek a position with this company because I heard good things about this company. I heard this company has many things to offer me as an employee. I also heard this company has a lot of potential in growing in the future. I love the product and services you offer. What interests you most about this position with this company? I am interested in this position because I feel that I am the right person to perform it. This is an exciting position.

Are you willing to go where the company sends you? I would say, “Yes, I willing to go where the company sends me.” Another question they might ask with this one would be, “Does relocation bothers you.” I would answer no unless you have a family and would not like to moved. You could be honest if you would not like to relocate. Are you willing to travel? Here is another question where you need to be honest. Never lied if hired and they ask you travel. This could hurt you if hired and ask to travel and you are not willing to. It will come back to you. Therefore, the best answer would be “Yes.”

What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it? This is related to employment. I would answer my question with everything positive. I would say I never encountered a problem at the job because I was on top of everything. I would always follow directions, and fix minor problems right away. If you decide to say that you encountered some major problems with your past job try to use positive words. Try to say that you fix the problem right away without feeling under pressure. Do you get along with others? Always say you got along with others on the job site. Never bring an issue of fighting. This could be a negative part for you. The employer might not want to hire you if you have a problem at a work site in the past.

Describe the relationship that should exist between a supervisor and employees? The employer wants to know how your relationship with your current boss is. They ask this question to see how you would respond. This question should be respond by stating that the relationship between the boss and employee should be only job related. Employee and boss relationship should never become so close because it would affect in the future. What kind of boss do you prefer? The employer wants to know what to expect from you if hired. I would say the kind of boss I would like is nice, understanding and energetic. I also would like a boss who keeps promises and give everyone second chances.


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