Taking Pictures and how to keep track of them – Tips

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DOWNLOAD after every major photo-taking session. It is easier to work with 40 shots then 60. If you take daily pictures you might want to download 2-3 times a week.

pinkflowers_Thumb.jpg NAME THE FOLDERS by: Place and Date taken. Note if you need to edit them; create a Follow Up Folder, where you can easily retriev from at a later time.
SELECT photos that you want to print. Copy them info a new folder and if you don’t have a photo lab at home , make a CD to take to the shop for printing, calendars or other projects. DELETE the memory card even if it is not full, like this you will not have a surprise to be working on a major project and run out of space. When you postpone making decisions, it leads to clutter.
POST your photos on your web pages but, not before you crop and compress them so, when people open them they should not have trouble looking at them. fall10_Thumb.jpg Back up your photos to a disc every so often, or on the D drive. You definitely don’t want to lose any precious memories so, back up regularly.
Learn what it takes to run the camera smoothly; if you don’t make it wright you can easily loose everything on the card quickly. A lost picture is lost forever!

If you are a beginner using a digital camera, please practice before you go on taking pictures and adventuring in the act.

These are great tips to stay organized,


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