How to Press and Frame Fresh Flowers

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A bouquet of fresh flowers can brighten your day, but don’t you wish you could save your flowers forever as a special keepsake? Now you can! Frame your pressed fresh flowers following this easy, do-it-yourself project.

Materials needed to dry and press your fresh flowers

Tissue Paper
Heavy Books

How to cut your fresh flowers to press

When cutting your fresh flowers, clip several of each kind. That way if you make a mistake, you have extra flowers to use. I also like to include baby’s breath and greens, which I dry and press along with the flowers.

When dealing with a thick flower, such as a rose or carnation, thin it out a bit. Because of the high moisture content in these flowers, they don’t dry well, plus they have a tendency to just look smushed. For roses, I would recommend actually plucking apart the bud and drying them as petals. Another tip for thicker flowers is to lay it on the newspaper “upside down” before pressing so you can arrange the petals a bit.

How to dry and press your flowers

Spread the newspaper out on a flat surface. Keep in mind when choosing the location that your flowers will have to dry for at least one week and most likely two. On top of the newspaper, lay out a sheet of tissue paper. The tissue will help prevent your flowers from molding. Arrange your flowers on the tissue paper, making sure none of them overlap or touch in any way. Then top with another layer of tissue paper and more newspaper. Weigh down the flowers with heavy books.

Allow your flowers a couple weeks to dry thoroughly. Even though the temptation is huge, don’t peek! Use this time to choose the framing materials.

Materials needed to frame your pressed flowers

Background paper
A framing mat
Craft Glue (Ross Craft’s Mucilage is my preference)

Choose a neutral or complementary color for the background. Scrap-booking paper works really well since it is acid-free and a bit thicker than other paper. Then pick the mat and frame. I usually use an 8 x 10 frame with a 5 x 7 mat. Make sure the colors of the paper, mat and frame work well together as well as with your flowers.

How to frame your pressed flowers

Fast forward 14 days, and your flowers should be ready. Very carefully remove the weight and top layer of newspaper. Slowly pull back the tissue paper to avoid jostling the flowers. Pick out the ones that look the best, but don’t toss the extras yet.

Arrange first, glue later. Plan your design before even touching the glue. Place your scrap-booking paper down on the table and play with your flowers. Don’t forget to consider the mat when laying out. I like the mat to cover the stems of the flowers or greens, and even some of the flowers, but it doesn’t have to.

Once you have a general idea of your arrangement, it’s time to apply the glue. Spread a thin layer of glue onto the paper. Since you’ve already chosen a clear glue, don’t stress out about getting too much on the paper. Very gently place the flower onto the glue and use your fingers to press it firmly into the glue. I usually glue down the greens and baby’s breath first, then layer the flowers over top. Cautiously wipe any excess glue.

Follow the glue’s instructions for drying time, then slip the mat and flowers into the frame.

There you have it! A perfect keepsake you can display year round.


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