Job Interview Don’ts: From Nail Biting to Lack of Eye Contact

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There are many things you might not want to do when you are going to have your first interview. If you do not ward yourself from these mistakes, you might turn your interviewer away from you. This would cost you the opportunity to get the job you wanted. Therefore, here are the first couple of things you do not want to do when getting interview.

Never chew gum or tobacco during the interview. If you choose to chew gum or tobacco do it before the interview. Tobacco might leave you a bad smell so I will not recommend it. Gum is a different story. I know people who chew before the interview because they are nervous. What they do is chew the gum before and throw it away before the interviewer gets a chance to see it. Chewing gum or tobacco is not showing any respect to the interviewer. Do not smoke during the interview. Sometimes the smell is bad enough that the other person do not want to smell it. The interviewer could also be paying attention to this because of insurances purposes. If you get hire and you are a smoker, it would cost them more for the insurance they are providing you.

Do not bite you nails or lips during the interview. This is showing the interviewer that you are nervous. Never let them see you that you are nervous about the interview. This could be bad sign. This show weakness at you part. Never laugh in nervous manner. Let you laugh come out naturally. Never try to force a laugh or pretend you are laughing. This would probably make your interviewer uncomfortable. The interviewer might think you hiding something or trying to avoid something. Do not show your facial expressions. Never demonstrate that you are bothered if the interviewer asks you a question that would offend. Try to turn it in a positive way. Practice in front of a mirror your facial expressions before the interview.

Do not look down while you are at the interview. If you look down at the floor constantly, the interviewer might think you are hiding something. You should always keep eye contact while talking to another person. If the reason you look down while talking is that you are shy, you will need to work on eye contact. Try to practice with a friend or someone you feel comfortable. Do not play with your hair during the interview. It never looks good when you played with your hair. If you are a person who cannot keep hands, still try to use your hands for something else. Example: You could put your hands together. You could grab your resume and hold it. Never cross your arms during an interview. By crossing your arms during an interview, it shows that you do not even care about the interview. It also could mean that you are tired of hearing someone talk or you are mad.

When you go to the interview do not wear heavy perfume or cologne. Try not to exaggerate with the smell. Not all people like the smell of perfumes or colognes. Try to wear perfume or cologne that is not strong, and spray lightly. When you are going to an interview do not wear a lot of jewelry. Wearing a lot of jewelry distracts people from paying attention to you. So try to wear lightly jewelry. Do not exaggerate by wearing a lot of jewelry. I would wear one bracelet, one ring, earrings, and one necklace.

Very important when you are going to an interview is never wear clothes that are wrinkle. Be sure a night before your interview to iron your clothes neatly. If you go to the interview all wrinkle, you are showing the interviewer that you do not care. So very important iron your clothes before going to an interview. Never wear a hats or baseball caps to an interview. If the reason you are wearing a hat or baseball cap is that you need a haircut, cut your hair a day before. However, do not use a hat or baseball cap for that important day. Remember you only have one shot to impress people.

Do not cancel an interview appointment. It is very important to keep the interview. If you do not you might not have a second chance. If you really need to cancel interview appointment because of an emergency, be sure to give enough time to cancel. Try to talk to the interviewer and let them know what your emergency is, maybe he or she would understand and give you a second interview.

When you have your interview do not bring up, or ask questions about sick days, holidays, or vacations. This would look bad on you. Always wait after you are hiring to ask these questions. If ask during the interview you are letting the interviewer know that you are probably be missing days, and not serious about the job. Does not volunteer information you are not ask to give? If you do volunteer information, you might say the wrong thing to the interviewer. The interviewer might want to know more. Then you might get nervous because you do not know if this is good or bad for you. So stick only with the questions asks during the interview. Remember you are at an interview so do not get friendly or too personal. You want to pass this interview. Becoming to friendly or personal may distract you by stating your strengths and abilities in performing the job you are applying. Do be overly nervous. I know it takes times to learn how to relax during an interview. Practice with a friend before the interview. In addition, you could go as many interviews as possible so you could feel comfortable when you go to the job you are interested.


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