What to Do If Your Child’s Eyes Are Red

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Your child is crying because he or she has something bothering his or her eyes. They are in pain. You do not know what to do. You asked yourself, “Should I take him in to the hospital or stay home and try to figure it out?” You do not know what it is inside their eyes. This could be a scary thing for you and your child. Not all the time something in their eyes could be serious, unless you see an object stuck in the eye. If you see this take your child right away to the doctor. Do not try to take the object out. However, here are some suggestions what to do at home if is not that seriously.

What you may see is your child’s eye may be red. In addition, your child may not be able to open their eyes when you are trying to examine it or he or she may open and close their eyes. Tears may be coming out of their eyes. They might rub their eyes or you may see something in their eyes. When you see this, you can do this at home with out taking them to the hospital.

Do not let your child keep rubbing their eye. This could spread infection or make it worse. If your child has something in their eye, be sure to flush their eye right away. You flush their eye by using warm water for 10 -15 minutes. There is two ways to do this: first, you could use an eyedropper or a cup of warm water. Second, you could hold your child’s eye open under running warm water. After you do this make, sure you look into their corner of their eyes. Try to pull down the lower eyelid. If you do not see, anything tries checking under the upper eyelid. You could do this by using a Q-tip and rolling the lid over with this. Again, if you see something repeats the steps that were mention above.

You should take child to hospital when something is stuck in the eye. If there is blood or liquid coming out of the eye. If your child is complaining about pain in their eye, take them to the hospital. If your child is complaining that, he or she cannot see after a 1 hour. If a burning, liquid went inside their eye.


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