How to create a making money blog

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Many people start a blog for part time hobby. They can write down and share what they know, share their journey or travel experience. Some moms start a blog to help people find good deals, to teach other people art and craft or to share parenting tips.

You can get a free blog and free hosting at owned by Google. It gives awesome tools for bloggers and best of all it doesn’t cost money to open an account at

You get your for your blog address. You can also purchase your own costum domain. You can purchase costum domain through or point your own domain name (that you registered somewhere else) and point it to to use your own custom URL address.  Your blog address using costum domain will be or whatever name that you use dot extension name (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .us, .mobi, .info).

.biz extension can be only use for business purpose only and not a personal website or blog. A lot of good costum domain names are not available anymore, however you can buy domains at secondary domains market with premium price. 

To start making money blogging you need to monetize your blog and drive traffic to your blog. Some companies also willing to pay blogger some amount of money to talk about their company in one of your blog post. Some company ask you to create outbound link in one of your blog post to their website to get paid blogging.

Update your blog frequently, updated blog contents give your blog a better placement at search engine optimization. However it takes a while for new blog to be indexed by search engine. It can take months for a new blog to be indexed by search engine such as Google. You can also submit your URL manually to google.

Add photos and videos to make your blog more interesting and look better. You can choose many available templates at or create your own template. Blogger have easy to use tools to create a blog. You can click help button as well if you got stuck or have questions about creating your blog.


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