Get Rid of Dandruff

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There are different types of flaking. Some flakes are caused by dry scalp; others are due to seborrheic dermatitis which can affect not just your scalp, but eyebrows and any other area that has a lot of oil glands. There are a variety of causes that range from overproduction of hormones a fungus to psoriasis. The question is how do you treat this annoying and sometimes disable ling problem.

  • Tea tree oil or melaleuca oil has been known to work in the reduction of dandruff. It is natural plant oil with antiseptic & fungicidal properties. Look for shampoos that contain the product, or buy it in a health food store and apply directly to the affected area. 

  • Try to relax. Stress only makes the problem worse. Try meditation or yoga. 

  • Beef up on your B vitamins. These are necessary for healthy skin and scalp. 

  • Eat foods that have zinc because it will help keep your oil glands running correctly.

  • Eat fish in abundance, and/or take a fish oil supplement. These oils will help keep your scalp and skin in good condition. 

  • Stay away from sugars, starches, yeasts, and beer or wine. These all encourage fungal growth. 

  • Use shampoos that have zinc pyrithione. It reduces fungal buildup. 

  • Tar products are an old remedy, but still effective in some cases. They may stain the hair though. 

  • If your scalp is dry follow any shampoo with conditioner and massage into scalp. This will alleviate flaking due  dryness. 

  • Nizoral is new and works like zinc pyrithione. It is an antifungal. You can find this in prescription and non-prescription shampoos. 

  • When all else fails, see a dermatologist. They will be better able to diagnose and treat specific problems. 

The most important thing is that you stay on top of the problem. It is much easier to control when it is a mild case.  


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