Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

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How many of us get the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables in our diets? Probably not enough of us. It is possible to add more of these nutritional foods into your family’s diet by making simple recipe changes that will introduce your palate to different tastes, while at the same time adding nutritional value to your meals. Here are some ideas.

·     Have a smoothie. Mix up some fruit or vegetables in a blender of juicer. This is a great treat even kids will love.

·     Add berries to pancakes and muffins. Also, add fruit to salad, oatmeal and cereal.

·     Frozen fruit bars are a nutritious and cool snack for anytime of the year.

·     Make sure you have plenty of fruits and veggies cut up and ready for a quick

·     Eat vegetables raw and use dip for flavor. Broccoli, carrots and cauliflower are great with dip.

·     Put vegetables in meatloaf and soups.

·     Dried fruits are an easy and nutritious treat for on the go. Keep them handy in individual plastic baggies for an anytime treat.

·     Mix in peas, sweet onions or mixed vegetables with tuna. It gives texture and flavor.

·     Freeze grapes and banana slices for a yummy and cool treat.

·     When making a sandwich or wrap, always include lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables if possible.

·     Add pineapple or mandarin oranges as a flavor enhancer to chicken dishes.

Eat healthy fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and you will feel more energetic and fit than you ever dreamed. Eat and Enjoy!


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