Last Christmas – Wham!

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Last Christmas by Wham! has become a Christmas classic since it’s release in 1984.   Every Christmas it receives airplay and a lot of people do not feel like it’s Christmas until they have heard the song.

Last year Last Christmas made it into the Top 10 of the UK’s itunes chart.   Since 1997 Last Christmas has also entered the German Single’s Chart every year.   One of the plethora of youtube videos of Wham!’s Last Christmas has received over 3 million hits alone – and that is only one of them!

Written by George Michael what is it about the song that endears people to it?   Is it because it’s an unrequited love song wrapped up in Christmas paper?   I don’t know, but I have to own up to loving it too.

What has happened to the duo known as Wham!?   Well George Michael is still performing, in fact he just played his first ever performance in Abu Dubai, UAE at the beginning of the month.   He has also released another song for this Christmas called “December Song (I Dream of Christmas).

What about the person who is perennially referred to as ‘the other guy’ – Andrew Ridgeley?   Well Andrew Ridgeley will probably spend a quiet Christmas in Cornwall, England.   He has been living quietly in the UK’s West Country with Keren Woodward since he dropped off of the ‘fame radar.’

Wham! fans were upset in 2007 when tentative plans for a Wham! reunion were scuttled as Andrew Ridgeley didn’t want to get back up on stage.   Described as a shy guy, Andrew and Keren stay pretty low key and down to earth.   Does the name Keren Woodward sound familiar to you?   Well she was one of the original members of Bananarama.

Funnily enough Keren and George were set up on a blind date – it didn’t work out, no surprise now that we know his sexual orientation, but Keren and Andrew developed a deeper relationship.   George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley still remain good friends as they have since they were at school together.   Locals say that they hear George’s private helicopter land in a field near Andrew & Keren’s house and they know that he’s visiting.

If George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were to reunite for one more concert then Last Christmas is bound to be on the play list.   They also have their backing singers lined up as both Pepsi & Shirlie (their former back up singers) have agreed to be part of any reunion if it happens.

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