How to stop takind antidepressants,Live healthier lives.

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1 Degas-GalleryPlayer_Thumb.jpg My mother was diagnosed with dementia , she went to a doctor and he loaded her up with all kinds of antidepressants for the next 1 and 1/2 years my mom fell and broke her arm ,then her wrist, and hand. All because one of the biggest problems with all these drugs is you lose your balance as well as your mind !!!Well I found out about this quack of a doctor and told him I wanted her off this medication ASAP.He fought me so I went to another doctor and weaned her off.

Waterlilies_Thumb.jpg Needles to say she is fine now. She can walk again on her own and has her mind back at 84 years young. The reason I tell you this is because they put all these elderly people on drugs all the time and never cure the person, they only suppress the problem and bring more problems down the road. 80 percent of all the falls that occur in elderly people are from mostly antidepressant, and other drugs, hence many more hip operations more money for the doctors and hospitals. They rob them of healthier lives. You can live happier and healthier without drugs.

lexidancerecitalblakegrad004_Thumb.jpg LIVE HEALTHIER LIVES The best I can find and the best i have seen work for depression is St Johns Wart. it is more effective in lifting mood and depression. I think living holistically is much safer and much healthier than drugs . Try to find a physician in your area by visiting


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