Get a Bikini Body for Summer

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  • Start at least 2 weeks before bikini day! 

  • Drink lots of water: Water hydrates the skin and makes it appear smooth and supple which is what we want when we bare it all. 

  • Fiber: Eat a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries or bananas in the morning or a high fiber, low sugar cereal with skim milk. This will help you fee full all day and aid in losing those few pounds that will make you bikini beautiful. 

  • Salad: Eats lots of salad. Top your greens with a light sprinkling of cheese or nuts for taste and use a spray on dressing. People tend to use less with these. 

  • Fish: Eating fish will not only assist you in dropping those few stubborn pounds, but will give your body the oil it needs to maintain supple skin. 

  • Eat yogurt for your sweet tooth and to give your skin a glow and contribute to weight loss. 

  • Eat lots of apples. Have as many as you want per day. They contain water for skin suppleness and fiber to maintain a full feeling. They are also chock full of good vitamins for the skin.

  • Do 30 minutes of aerobics at least 3 times per week. Cross train to get all body parts. Ride a bike day one, dance or aerobics day 2, step machine or fast walk day 3.  

  • Add 20 minutes of weight training 2 times a week. Squats work the body from top to bottom. Put feet shoulder width apart, holding weights behind the head and resting on your shoulders. Squat down as if you are sitting in a chair and come back up. When you return to starting position, flex your buttocks. If you don’t have weights, you can do this exercise with nothing. Do 10-20 every strength workout.  

  • Pushups are a great upper body workout, and require no equipment. Go down to all fours, stay on your knees and cross at the ankles. Put hands on the floor and keeping the back flat looking straight ahead, push your body up and down. At least 5-20 times each strength training workout. 

  • Crunches are terrific for the abdominal area. This really counts in a bikini. Lay on your back with hands behind head for support. Lift your head up while looking straight up at a spot over your head. Pull up till you feel your abdominals contract. Do 20-50 per workout. 

  • Buy the correct bikini. If your legs are short, get a high cut bikini. If your bust is large, make sure your top is well fitted. The bikini should fit well on the buttocks without riding up. 

  • Two days before bikini day, shave and buff. Use a shaving cream for the bikini area and be gentle. It is difficult to look good in a bikini with annoying shaving bumps. 

  • Use a buff puff to remove dead skin over entire body. Follow up with a hydrating lotion. 

  • Day before bikini day. Use a self tanner. Apply in an even layer to entire body. Make sure you get one that is not too dark, but correct for your skin tone.

Finally, put on your bikini, walk with confidence, and go have a blast!


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