If he is unfaithful….Chapter Nine

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Many Other Women want to be Other Women. They only go
after married men because it eleviates their feelings of inferiority.

When a wife dumps a husband, he becomes nothing.
What is the victory in stealing another person’s garbage?

Very often, as soon as the Other Woman learns she is the
Only woman, she drops Hubby like a bad habit.

That is because, it destroys her ego. Basically, wife is saying,
I don’t want any man that touches you. ” Which puts the
OW deeper into her sense of inferiority.

Wives who actually want to keep their husband have been
quite successful in getting the Other Woman to dump him
by making it seem that she is taking her garbage.

In one case, the wife, driving by in a Benz with a man
stopped and leaning out of the car window, asked the gal
if she could keep Hubby out until 3 a.m.

Gal quickly dumped Hubby.

Hence, your leaving him may have the knock on effect
of Gal dumping him. Meaning he has no one.

Other Women have very big mouths. They will very
often turn their passionate affair into slime by castigating
the husband.

You have nothing to say about him. He is out of your
life. If Gal wants to prove to all and sundry that she
dumped him, (for it would smash her fragile ego if
anyone thought he dumped her), her choice.

Sure, you may sit in your bedroom and cry yourself sick.
You may love him so much you can’t breathe. But keep
that to yourself.

As an actress hired to play the dispassionate observer,
you portray a woman who couldn’t care less about him.

You will gain respect, especially your own.


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