How to Exercise at Home

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  • Purchase any variety of workout CD’s. Some are a half an hour or less and may include dancing, weights, martial arts, or just about anything else that may hold your interest. 

  • When you go shopping, try walking an extra few laps around the mall. 

  • Take the dog for a walk, and go on a more scenic route. Or take him/her to the dog park and throw a ball or Frisbee. 

  • Do not choose a close parking spot. Choose the one the furthest from your destination. 

  • If you are not going very far, ride a bike or scooter. 

  • If you have a treadmill or other exercise equipment, take the clean clothes off it and use it. 

  • Do some house work that will burn calories, like vacuuming or dusting. 

  • Do yard work such as mowing the lawn, raking or gardening.  

  • Go for walks around your block a couple of times a day.  

  • Do short bursts of exercise for at least 10-15 minutes 3 times per day. Once can be aerobic for cardiovascular health and fat burning, the second could be resistance training for muscle tone and conditioning and the third could be stretching for flexibility and joint manipulation.

Overall, the most important part of exercise is sticking with it. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will be more likely to continue for a lifetime. Look at exercise as a lifelong pursuit, with the ultimate goal of overall health and fitness, not a quick weight loss fix, and you will be more likely to succeed at any program you attempt.


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