Ease Morning Sickness

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It can be difficult to keep food in your stomach long enough to enjoy a meal. Going out to restaurants can become a miserable experience, since morning sickness does not always happen in the morning. It can come on at any time of the day,and ruin the joy of carrying a child. There are ways to ease the pain. Listed below are some techniques to help you enjoy this wonderful time of your life.

  • Sip ginger ale. It helps an upset stomach. 

  • Stay away from fried or heavy foods. Keep it natural 

  • Sometimes prenatal vitamins can make you sick. See your doctor for more information. Do not just stop taking them. 

  • Tea is sometimes helpful. Chamomile and lemon teas are soothing. 

  • Keep snacks around to sooth your stomach like crackers or low fat cookies. 

  • Have a snack by your bed so you can nibble before you get up. Crackers are best. 

  • Eat plenty of fruit to keep your glucose levels high. 

  • Having some nuts like almonds or pecans is a tasty treat and good protein and fat. Carry these with you for a quick snack. 

You may become aware of certain smells or situations that will bring on an episode of morning sickness. Keep a record of these times and places, so you know what to avoid. Also, give it time. Morning sickness usually dissapates after the first trimester of pregnancy. Good luck, and good health!

  • Drink a lot of water and fruit juice to keep up your electrolyte balance.

  • Listen to your body. If it tells you not to eat something, don’t eat it.

  • If you feel dehydrated and have lost some weight see a doctor

  • If you are unable to eat or drink anything without throwing it up, see a doctor


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