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Rocky “Hammer Face “Johnson was just released after serving twenty five years in mental health facility. He served the time because he went on a murderous spree, killing seven innocent victims.

Sadly, he was a victim himself due to undeserved mental torture inflicted upon him by his parents. He never went to school,ever.His parents kept him locked in a cab over camper shell that was attached to a 1963 Chevy pickup. In rural Tenesee,the boy was fed only sparsely on wild game that the parents would trap and often just throw it in the back of the truck, and Rocky had to kill it with a short handled 12lb.sledgehammer.

Rarely was he provided with fire or heat, often having to eat the wild animals raw. All he had was an old rusty pair of scissors to skin the animal.

Devoid of any social skills, never changing his clothing, and a camper infested with roaches and maggots, it was a miracle the young boy ever survived.

One day, his parents just disappeared. On the eighteenth day he was so hungry and his parents not responding to his screaming and beckoning he pounded his way through the bolted door with his sledge.

The poor boy had been locked in that camper for eleven years.

This was in the middle of hunting season. After walking several miles, he came across a hunter with a campfire. He was scared,paranoid,lonely and hungry. He smelled rabbit, and he was starving. The hunter was disemboweling a nice big buck, and didn’t see poor little Rocky. The boy was hungry, walked right up to the fire and grabbed the rabbit and took a huge bite, burning his mouth. The hunter turned around and startled and panicked the boy, approaching him.

The young boy stabbed the rusty scissors into his leg causing him to scream, piercing his femoral artery. Then frightened and not knowing what to do and covered in blood, he started smashing the hunters face with the sledgehammer until he stopped moving. It was grotesquse.Very similar scene was discovered at two other campsites, two more in the local supermarket parking lot in the morning two days later.

One morning after that, a few miles closer to the deeper woods a family’s dog went missing. The family put up flyers hoping for people to help find it. He was a well known and liked dog, and affectionate. His name was Sparky.

Rocky was sleeping not far from the edge of the woods when a couple was out taking a morning stroll with their dog, also keeping an eye out for Sparky,just in case they might spot him. The dog started barking, alerting Rocky. The other canine smelled the corpse of Sparky and started running into the woods. Rocky jumped into a tree with a low hanging branch,scared,but ready to attack. The poor twisted boy was already the proud victor in stabbing and/or pummeling the face of unsuspecting victims, five humans and one dog, and it was getting easy.

He lunged out at the charging dog and stabbed him right in the chest, puncturing the heart, and the dog dropped and bled to death with hardly a whimper. Moments later, the couple arrived, Rocky hit the man, who arrived first in the knee. As he buckled to the ground, Rocky hit him in the neck with the hammer, a crushing blow, breaking his neck, and smashing the back of hid head into the tree, rendering him unconscious, while the blood spattering out of his neck was showering six feet in every direction. The wife came running, saw her husband on the ground, and suddenly remembered her self defense classes she had taken at the Y.M.C.A.She saw the boy, gave him a roundhouse kick to the chin, but not before the resilient bastard clocked her on the side of the head at about half strength. She was hurt, but able to escape.

Eventually the boy caught up to her, and finished the job with one blow to the temple, sending a viscous intermittent squirt spray with bone fragments and a some brain bits sputtering out. She was only about thirty feet from the beginning of the woods.

The news spread fast over the little backwoods town. Now the killer had a name, Hammer Head, but no one had any idea what the serial killer looked like. People locked the doors at night now.Hammer Head ran deep into the woods, knew how to kill animals and men now,fearlessly,at the tender age of eleven. Many of the back country folk were related or friendly, and it was not uncommon to find dwellings in the middle of nowhere. The boy was discovered by the Hansen brothers, and overtaken, covered in blood.

Many secret roads exist in these woods, known only to the locals.

Once in town, it was discovered who the boy was and what the situation was all about. After many psychiatric obervations,it was decided to evaluate the boy under close watch, in a mental health facility.

They came to realize the poor lad had the thinking mind at the level between three and a half and four years of age. He began to take accredited schooling classes and slowly learn table manners, minimal social interaction, and eating warm meals. He was always kept under very close watch and could spend no more than thirty minutes in a social setting with others.

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