My Introduction, or as some like to say A little about me

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Hi, Let me introduce myself.  I go by the name Hillbilly, my family from PA, but I currently reside in CA with my wife and two pups.  My real name is Mike and I’m a fairly new writer.  I chose Hillbilly Herman as my  penn name because it reminds me of where I come from and writing is lonly sometimes, kinda like a Hillbilly.  Anyways I like to write a little something for the site’s I sign on.  I think this is a great oppertunity to get to know some more people and get some of my wiritngs published.  Sites like these are really cool cause you get a chance to network and make a little cash.  They help you to start and its a great begining to get comments and help for starters or for experts who do it full time a chance to get reviews and help the starters out thanks to the site and others who perticpate.  Hillbilly Herman YeeeHaaaawwwww.

I perfer to write fantasy, but I have found that theses sites are made more for articles and informational typ writings.  Eventualy I want to become a novelist.  But this is going to take time, and alot of help.  I’m currently working a full time job that pays pretty well and I am eventually going to write full time.  But need to do some work before I get there so for now this is just a hobby of mine.  I browse other writers and often ask for help or give advice,  But I am no expert and all my advice is purly not a peace of expert advice.  But I will tell the truth so get ready for my true opion. A good start is take some pics and write some articles on them and post them see if anyone reads them and build from there before you know it you’ll have friends and fans and you be headed in the write direction.  I also do some motivational type writing off and on.  I am not big on poems but people seem to eat them up as well.

Thanks for reading!


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