Offgrid Planting Tips.

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Here are a few quick tips to help your offgrid living. 

1. Plant lots of fruit trees to the South of your house. Apple, Pear, and other trees that will bear fruit that you can eat.
2. Plant blueberry bushes, if you have acidic sandy soil. Blueberries are loaded with vitamins.
3. Plant mugo pines around your blue berry plants to provide acidic mulch to the soil.
4. Plant lots of herbs in the South. Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Terragon, Sage. All but Basil will come back every spring.
Basil can be used on salads and to make your own Pesto Sauce at the end of the season. With 3-4 plants you will have 
enough Pesto to last you the winter. 
5. Plant coniferous trees to the north of your house to block the cold winter winds. White Pine grow very fast.
White spruce and Balsam Fir provide a nice fragrant scent all year round.
6. Plant English Ivy along the South wall of your house and it will keep the house cool in summer and allow sun to heat the wall in winter.
Something else you should consider is a “Rain Garden”. This is using the natural slope of your yard to drain water into your vegetable and herb garden. With a natural rain garden you will almost never need to use city water or other to keep your plants moist. Just remember to use raised beds in a “Rain Garden” so that your plants “feet” – roots don’t always stay wet. More planting tips on the way…. Use Nature to nurture your Living off the grid.


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