Phase I – Designer Makeover!

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In short, this is our story becoming hotel owner and turning the business green.

After all, we wanted to make some upgrades to better the property and to better servicing our patrons.

With that in mind, we had to sit down and set goals, come up with a plan to follow, then implement these ideas. As I call it – Phase I, the bathroom area was the 1st to be redone, and when we looked at the project, we decided then “EVERYTHING MUST GO!”

It was not worth to replace just some of the “things” – it was rather necessary that everything would go.

So, the entire bathroom was redesigned and new fixtures ordered, found the contractor to commit to the project and we were ready to roll. The possibility of finishing the project before summer was slim, we went on to take care of the East Wing first. Six rooms were ready for my busy season. That was a great relief!

We wanted to bring awareness of the sustainable approach we are taking and show people how to get involved. People want to know how they can participate to help your efforts in helping the environment. I showed them how my hotel progressively got greener .

We printed and place out New Green Policy in our Guests Service Book,which is in every room. I talk about my environmental commitment publicly and often to the consumers who value it the most, and other that are not yet decided to commit to sustainability as well.

Recycling was always a passion of mine, I could call myself a “recycler” fanatic. We determined that we will continue our habits, no matter were we live. (P.S. – I am also making arts out of recycle goods)

Even the 1st year when we took over the motel business, the one small thing we took care off was the light bulbs – CFL (compact Fluorescent Lights). They were replaced with the CFL in all fixtures that we could fit them in, indoor or outdoor lighting. 

During the season, as I had people from all over the World, some Australians shared with us their experience, how advanced their country is in becoming “GREEN” and they like to see that happens in other places, like the US.

Over all, the input is great and people feel treated special at our property. Others are asking questions on how to get involved, and how their participation will make a difference while they are staying here.


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