Be Content Knowing That You’re Retro-Cool!

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Been told lately that something you do or say is “So Not Cool?” Here’s a few reminders you can share to let them know You ARE Cool… You’re RETRO-COOL…

Remind them :


  • We didn’t wear pants down at our knees, or show two-thirds of our underwear on the outside…we wore Dittos and Angel Flights. AND invented the term “camel-toe”.
  •  We didn’t buy $100 and up athletic shoes… we had KEDS, which we stylized with markers, because we were cool. We didn’t buy $200 True Religion jeans… Levis were our religion, and we were cool when we wore out the knees, frayed the hem and wrote anti-government statements on the thighs in pen.
  • playboy_Thumb.jpgWe didn’t have to surf the internet for Porn — we had Playboys stashed between the mattresses and read National Geographic, because we were cool.
  • notepassing_Thumb.jpgWe didn’t constantly text our BFF, or slam our enemies on our Myspace page… we were cool when we passed notes in class, and wrote our hate on the bathroom walls.
  • We didn’t buy diamond studded bling to wear around our necks… we had cool puka shell, gold italian horns and stretchy candy necklaces.
  • zots_Thumb.jpgWe didn’t buy energy shots or caffeine drinks at 7-11 on our way to school… we were cool and bought Pixie Stix and ZOTZ to share the buzz with our friends.
  • wildkingdom_Thumb.jpgWe didn’t post or watch video of punks beating up the homeless, or of skateboarding off a sidewalk into parked cars on YouTube… no, we were cool when we watched Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or Evel Knievel crash.

Now remind yourself that you ARE cool, you are RETRO-cool!  It’s your parents that were so un-cool.

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