New Year’s Resolutions from the Dog

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Holiday greetings often include a wish for peace, health, and prosperity in the New Year. And since our dogs are a big part of our family, those wishes include them too. As we put pen to our own list of New Year’s resolutions, our dog’s perspective may look a bit like this.

For Peace

  • I resolve to try harder to resist stealing that sausage from my owner’s plate. BUT, in exchange, no more generic treats! I will settle for only premium milk bones; after all, what is a stupid treat anyway?
  • I resolve to be more helpful to my neighbor. When I see him digging in his yard, I will tunnel to meet him from my side of the fence. Maybe this year, we’ll find out where this ‘China’ is!
  • I resolve to try out the pillow instead of sleeping at the foot of the bed.

For Health

  • I resolve to run faster in ‘09 when I hear the words ‘nail clip.”
  • I resolve to run faster when I hear the word ‘bath.’
  • I resolve to run faster when I hear the word ‘veterinarian.’
  • I’m not falling for that ‘pill in the weenie’ anymore either; I resolve to eat around the nasty little thing in ’09.

For Prosperity

  • I resolve to find new hiding places for the sausages I do steal. No more sofa cushions for me; in ’09, it’s my owner’s shoe.
  • I resolve to drag my owner to the other side of the street, in spite of her protests, and mark new territory this year.
  • I resolve to bring my owner more presents to help in this tough economy.
  • I resolve to give more hugs and kisses this year – right after I get through licking my butt!
  • And I WILL absolutely catch that mailman in ’09!

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