So What Happens to the Kids When the Marriage Has Ended?

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So the relationship is over…. He ruined it by lying or deceiving you…. may be you ruined it by giving up and realizing that the hurt is too much to stand any longer.  May be it was you…. in any case realize that the children are usually the ones that suffer. 

It is important to remember that children are our future and if they start to wonder where THEY went wrong in the relationship, you know you have a problem.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t live on and enjoy the company of another adult.  My question is – why bring it home?  Your personal life is exactly that – personal. 

Think about it – you meet someone new, you get to know them for a while, they seem like someone your kids can get to know and like, so, you bring them home and before you know it things are not quite what they seemed.  No problem… you get rid of them and one day you meet another person.  Seems like they would be someone you would like you children to meet… over time that person is not quite what they seem…. once again – it’s over.  After about three or four times of this, your children start to wonder who’s next.

So, I ask you once again – why bring them home?  I believe that it is important to keep your personal life and children separate.  When is it okay to bring someone new into the family??  Questionable…. I’ve chosen not to – my children are important enough for me to chose them.  Personal privacy should be just that – PRIVATE.

The next time you meet someone new and consider bringing them home – reconsider.  Unless if you like having your children wonder, who’s next.


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