Great Books For Pagan and Wiccan Children

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Finding books suitable for pagan or Wiccan children has been difficult until the past few years. Several new books on the market are aimed at children to help them learn about rituals, the Wheel of the Year and other pagan traditions, and they can make great gifts. Here are some favorites:

A Witch’s Primer by Lorin Manderly

(AuthorHouse 2005)

This is the fundamental textbook for pagan children, teaching them pagan basics. This book also has a test at the end of each chapter to test the child’s knowledge of each chapter’s content. A Witch’s Primer focuses on the Wiccan tradition but can be used by many other Paths.

An Ordinary Girl- A Magical Child by W. Lyon Martin

(Magical Child Books 2008)

This beautifully illustrated book is aimed at pagan children aged 6-10 years but is suitable for reading to younger children. An Ordinary Girl explains basic pagan principles through stories and pictures. This is rapidly becoming a favorite book for pagan parents to share with their children.

My First Little Book of Wicca by Velvet Rieth

(Full Circle 2007)

This workbook circulated in limited homemade form for several years before it was formalized into a published work. Geared to pagan children aged 4-8 years, it contains easily absorbed lessons and coloring pages for younger pagans. A great addition to your pagan homeschooling library.

The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice by Wendy Pfeffer

(Dutton Juvenile 2003)

A great book for 4-8 years olds, The Shortest Day tells the story of the winter solstice and its historical importance to people of many cultures. It also includes science activities and suggestions for celebrating the solstice at home.

Aidan’s First Full Moon Circle by W. Lyon Martin

(Magical Child Books 2008)

This is the newest pagan children’s book by the author of An Ordinary Girl. Aimed at a slightly younger audience (4-8 years old) it tells the story of Aiden and his first experience with a pagan circle outside of his own family. This beautifully illustrated story helps ease children’s fears of group rituals and explains the purpose of a full moon circle.

Seasons of Magic: A Girl’s Journey by Laurel Ann Reinhardt

(Llewellyn Publications 2001)

Seasons of Magic is directed at a generally-ignored segment of the pagan tradition (8-12 year olds). It tells the story of Erin, a 12-year-old girl in a pagan family who wants to learn more about the traditions involved. She begins to learn the history and rituals from an elderly friend as she progresses through the Wheel of The Year with her. The book also touches on Erin’s relationships with her non-Pagan friends and what it means when someone close to you dies.


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