How to Effectivley Report Credit Bureau Mistakes

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Finding mistakes on your credit report can be quite frustrating, because you need to protect yourself.  Your credit score is held over your head  for your whole life and enables you to get things that you could never pay cash for, like cars and homes.

Contacting credit bureaus about mistakes found on your credit report can be a big task, but can cover you in a time when you need a line of credit.  Everything you need to do is in the form of writing.  The first thing you will need to do is to write them a letter informing them of the discrepancy.

In this letter there are several things that you will need to include.  You will want to give them your personal information as well as some information about what you are disputing on the report.  This is not the time to be brief, you want to include any details that may be important to the situation.

Along with the letter, you will want to include any information that you have to back up your side of the story, or your case.  Any documentation that shows dates or payment amounts would be helpful in this situation.  The more information you have to show, the better chance you have of something being change.

You will also have to send the same information to the creditor.  They are going to want to know that there is a mistake on your report that needs to be fixed.  They will also take the information and do some investigation.  If in fact there was an error, it will be corrected.

Errors on your credit report will take some time to get fixed.  Credit bureaus will usually take about thirty days to review your case, and if you have a valid case, the changes will be made.  If in fact there are changes made to your credit report, you will be sent a free copy of the report.

While this all may seem quite time consuming, it is important to do to protect yourself.  Your credit score will be hanging over you head forever, and you want to make sure the charges and claims against you are valid.  Writing letters to get discrepancies changed is quite important.  It can mean the difference between yes and no the next time you apply for credit.


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