Lose Weight by Eating More

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I was sitting on my recliner the other night, just relaxing. It was about one in the morning and if you have ever been up watching TV that late then you already know there is nothing on but infomercials and bad late night re-runs.

It seems to me while flipping through the channels, everyone and their grandmother has some kind of fitness device to sell. In fact I saw one person who was selling a ball as some kind of cure all for your abs. Save yourself some money go down to Wal-Mart and buy a soccer ball for 1/10th of the cost of what that person was trying to sell their ball for.

Regardless of the product that you use to lose weight, none of them will work if you do not eat healthy and do not eat properly. The best way of losing weight is actually eating more. What? You say! That is right I said you need to eat more.

When I say you need to eat more I do not mean that you fill yourself up on cupcakes and donuts and then wash that down with 10 liters of Coke or Pepsi. What I mean is you need to eat smaller well balanced meals throughout the day.

You should be eating six meals daily, one meal about every two and half to three hours. Each meal should consist of equal portions of protein, carbohydrates and green vegetables. So what is a portion size? Put away the scale, a portion size is the same size as your clenched fist. Make a fist. Now you know how much of each food grouping you can have.

So for example for breakfast you can mix up a nice omelet with spinach and mushrooms, or onions and peppers and add a small bowl of oatmeal with it. Then later for a snack you can have some hardboiled eggs or maybe even tuna mixed with various leafy greens to make up a nice salad.

Whatever food you choose, make sure it is healthy. Choose baked, broiled and grilled over fried. Substitute white bread for wheat or multigrain and white rice for brown rice. As for vegetables you can’t go wrong with broccoli, spinach, salads and so on.

Just remember the key to losing weight is eating more of the right foods so your body has the nutrients it needs to keep going strong.

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