Helpful Sources for Your Business Startup

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If you were thinking of starting a business, maybe you are not sure how, or you do not think now is the right time, then turn to other sources to help you answer these questions. There are literally hundreds of people out there right now that want to help you with your business idea or ideas. They range from your own friends and family, to venture capitalists, to even your own government.

I will tell you that it won’t be easy, but the more prepared you are will help you through the peaks and valleys as you embark on an incredible journey of business ownership. Preparation is the key to a lot of challenges you tackle in life and starting, running and owning a business is no different. You must be ready when business is slow, and be prepared to expand when business is great. So what are these sources that can help you get started?

1] The Library – Or more specifically your local library. With the popularity of the internet for doing research many people have forgotten about this valuable source. Not only does it contain millions of books, magazine articles and tools to help you succeed, but the people that work there are invaluable to you. My library has a person that works there for the sole purpose of helping to fine tune and polish your business plan. I am sure yours has one also.

2] SBA (Small Business Administration) – The government would love nothing more than to help you not only start a business but succeed at it. When you succeed you create jobs which create wealth. They can help you with managing your business, expanding it, increasing sales with some helpful advice, financing through guaranteed loans and of course ongoing support. You can visit their website by typing Small Business Administration into Google. Get to know that website and what the SBA can do for you.

3] S.C.O.R.E. (Counselors to America’s Small Business) – This organization is made up of thousands of volunteers (10,500 to be exact) who are still in business, retired or worked as professionals in specific areas. You more than likely have a few dozen counselors within a few miles of your home right now. I personally have worked with 13 different counselors in fine tuning my own business plan. These counselors are a great source of knowledge and experience.

Don’t forget about your own local municipal, county and state government offices. They also want to see your business succeed. Growing businesses help create jobs which in turn increases the value of the municipality and of the state in which it resides. So for your local and state government offices not to help you would be foolish.

Get to know these sources and get to know them well. They will be your guiding force on your journey towards your entrepreneurial dreams.

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