Increase Your Google Page Rank by Adding Content to Your Web Site

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Google is the gold standard of search engines and who can argue that point with the billions of searches that are performed everyday using it. If you are a website owner you know how important search engines are. They allow people to find your website without spending a dime on advertising, which may in turn add up to profits if you run an e-commerce website.

There are a number of SEO (search engine optimization) companies that claim they can help you increase your PR (Google Page Rank) and get you to the top of search rankings. The fact is, you can do this yourself, and the only thing it will cost you is some of your time.

Google PR is a number based system that ranks a website from zero to ten with ten being the highest rank you can receive. The higher the number the higher your website will appear in the rankings for search terms related to the content of your web site.

Google is very content oriented. This means that when it “crawls” (the process by which Google looks at every web page) websites to index them, they look for valued content so that when people search the web they can point searchers directly to this information.

You need to add original and informative content to your web site. In other words if you sell fishing gear, you need to write informative articles about the subject. If you sell fishing gear then chances are you are already an expert at the subject. Just formulate your thoughts, write an article and add it to your website.

Once your article is added to your site then give your site’s visitors the ability to comment on it. Comments are added content to your website that others will add for you. Do a search on a subject yourself and you will find in those search results either posts to a message board or comments on an article.

Now that you have the content on your website and comments to add additional content you need to let your visitors share this article with the rest of the world wide web either by posting a link to the article in social networks such as Digg, MySpace and Twitter, or by allowing visitors to use your article on their own sites and blogs, so as long as they post a link back to your website. This link process is known as a one way link and helps increase your PR as well. Indocquent’s social bookmark utility gives you the ability to do all of this for free.

Now that you know how you can increase your PR, search engine rankings, and website popularity, just go ahead and do it. The next time Google “crawls” the world wide web to index their database you should see a significant increase in PR and visitors.

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