Increase Your Website’s Popularity Without Spending a Dime

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If you were to ask a lot of experience business professionals what is the fastest way to get into business, assuming you had a product or service to offer, they will invariably said jump on the web.

Unfortunately it is not that simple. You can’t just put your website up, sit back and watch the orders roll in. You have to actually let people know that you exist, what you have to sell, what you have to offer and of course how to find you.

A website will give you an inexpensive store front that is true, but people need to find your store front. You could dump thousands upon thousands on advertising which may or may not return the result you were looking for, or you could implement the technique I am about to share with you.

Chances are since you are starting your web based business you have very little money to spend on advertising; therefore you need to find creative ways to get the word out about your online business.

Start with your local newspaper and a press release. A press release is a newsworthy article that you have written about your business, what it offers and so on. The keyword there is newsworthy. If your press release sounds like a sales pitch, the editor will pitch it into their trash bin. Pick up today’s paper and read a few articles on businesses in there. Do you see how they made them sound like news? You need to do the same. Just do not forget to work in your web address into the article somewhere so readers know how to get a hold of you.

Once you have a press release perfected, start sending it out to non local newspapers and of course magazines. Remember you are on the World Wide Web, therefore your press release push has to world wide, or at least close to world wide as possible. Each press release should be tailored for the editor that you are sending it to. In other words know who you are sending it to before you send it and add into your release information that would make the editor say, “Hey this is valuable to my readers.”

Also send your release to the correct person. If you sell auto parts find if the publication has an editor that is specific to the auto industry. Every paper lists cars for sale and usually articles on the industry accompany those ads. That is the person your press release needs to get into the hands of.

So far you know what you are supposed to write and who it is to be addressed; now you need to know how that specific editor likes to receive their press releases. There are a variety of ways to send your press release in but only one way the editor likes to receive it. Some like to receive email while others like to get a fax and yet others who still prefer snail mail. Your best bet is to call the editor directly and ask in case you can not find the information on their website.

Now all you have to do is send it in and your virtually cost free advertising on a shoe string budget has begun. Your cost would be maybe some stamps, envelopes, paper, fax charges? This is a small price to pay to getting word out there about your business.

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