Airsoft Weapons

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Airsoft is a combat sport Involving two teams which one eliminates the opponets  by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets. Usually camoflage is worn in this sport done outside to be able to hide and blend in with the trees and your surroundings, the best weapons for Airsoft that you can find are. Automatic Electric Guns,otherwise known as AEGs. For first time users the best Airsoft weapon is Spring Airsoft Pistols a.k.a. “Springers”. Sniper riffles,but they usually need a lot of updates,this particular weapon isnt recomended for beginners or new users.

The springers such as the UHC 1911 Spring Airsoft Pistol is one of the more cheapest weapons you’ll be able to find for this game,other weapons can get rather costly up to the $100.00 price range.Weapons that have low power,are more recommended as high-powered ones mean that you have to be good at judging distances, since that high powered ones has certain safety regulations to them, concerning distances.Low power ones made by Tokyo Marui have Excellent quality, and good perfomance for a low powered weapon, the higher power (the speed at which the pellet leaves the barrell) the longer the safey distance.

For a higher power weapon the AKS74 made by Kalash/Dboy is most recommended for a member upon a rusian team. There are a bunch of different gear items ranging from combat boots,clothing masks and eye protection, be sure to use safety while playing such a contact sport, the weapons could be dangrous even though they are not real guns, it would be avised not to hit any one near the face while playing this sport, as that could damnage their eyes or something else, hence safety is a big issue while playing airsoft.


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