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Conservation – Beneficial to Mankind

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Animals, minerals and plants are all part of earths resources, the environment that help us to live. Because human beings are increasing in numbers and are also increasing their needs, they are using up earths resources and destroying the environment very quickly. The way to use resources sensibly for the good of mankind is called conservation.

This means ‘protection from loss or waste’ and it is just as important to conserve animals as forests, minerals or anything else.

Every animal has an important part to play in nature and is needed in life of some other animal, as it could be seen in food chains. When a species of animal becomes extinct of dies out, many other living creatures are affected.

National parks are places where animals can be conserved in all their beauty and variety.

Many such parks now exist all over the world. In many parks and zoos, rare animals, are being bred and in some cases, returned to the wild. Some animals are protected by law from hunting, but this is not always enough. Hence breeding is undertaken.

Early man obtained all his food by hunting animals, but it was not until recent centuries that man has tried to produce animals to suit him. This is known as breeding.

All of our farm animals and pets today are the descendants of wild species. For instance man first made friends with wild dogs long ago. These dogs developed into all the kinds of dogs we know today, mainly because man controlled their breeding.

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