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Biomedical Engineering: The Career

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Biomedical engineering is a broad field that brings together engineering, biology, and medicine to create new techniques, devices, and understanding of living systems to improve the quality of human and animal life.

The Work

Biomedical engineers combine design, engineering and biological knowledge to create tools and techniques to improve the health and wellbeing of humans and animals. Examples of such tools are artificial organs like hearing aids, cardiac pacemakers, artificial kidneys and hearts, prosthetic limbs; advanced therapeutic and surgical devices like laser system for eye surgery, design of optimal clinical laboratories for computerized analyzer for blood samples medical imaging systems for ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.

Biomedical engineers find employment with companies that manufacture equipment used in hospitals and diagnostic centers or centres for research and development, manufacturing, quality control and testing as also installation, maintenance, or sales and marketing departments.

They can also get jobs with large hospitals for selecting, handling and maintaining sophisticated equipments in addition to building customized devices for specials needs or work in institutions involved in research.

Job Prospects

Employment opportunities for biomedical engineers are immense considering the fact that the aging of the population and focus on health issues will increase the demand for better medical devices and equipment designed by biomedical engineers.

Other developments, like computer-assisted surgery and heavy research in moleculat, cellular and tissue engineering will also increase the demand for biomedical engineers. Further, the rehabilitation and orthopedic engineering fields are growing at a very fat pace, which also require the services of biomedical engineers. There is a huge demand for biomedical engineers abroad too.

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