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Hardware Engineering: The Career

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The Work

Hardware is the term applied to computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and equipment like keyboards, modems, and printers. Although the work of computer hardware engineers resembles that of an electronics engineer, the former focus on computer and computer related equipment.

These engineers design, develop and test computer hardware and support peripheral. The field offers exciting challenges to the computer professional toe learn new things and to experiment and evolve new hardware technologies foe solving complex and newer information processing problems. It is because of the R&D work of computer hardware engineers that day by day hardware is becoming smaller, faster, cheaper and more reliable. And in order to be up-to-date with the technological innovations. These engineers are required to keep abreast of changes.

In some cases, they develop special purpose ‘embedded’ products which use computer technology as part of a larger project. For example embedded computers are used in applications ranging from washing machine controls to automobile engines. Some of them are also trained to service accessories of PC’s such as printers and scanners. service engineers are employed by manufacturers of computer equipment and maintenance firms.

Job Prospects

There are many small to big companies in India which manufacture computers of their own brand. They require hardware engineers for manufacturing, research and customer service. Also, today almost all companies are dependant on IT for growth, irrespective of the industry, and these require hardware and networking professionals to service their computers.

A recent study by MAIT (Manufacturers Association of Information Technology) and Ernst & Young has revealed that the Indian electronics hardware sector is expected to touch $62 billion by 2010. Thus the requirement for hardware manpower is going to be strong in coming years.

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