Runescape Christmas event 2008

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Here is what you need to do to complete the Christmas event on Runescape for 2008.


First go to Lumbridge


Then go to the left, outside of the castle and follow the trail. If you keep on going you will be beside farmer Fred’s house. Keep following the road until you see a Christmas present on the map and white land. Go up to the imp with the Christmas hat on and talk to him.


After Talking to him he will give you an Ice Amulet, put it on and click operate (it might not work so go away from the area your at and try it again) When your imp comes talk to him, he will tell you that he can feel Jack’s presence.


Now when you talk to your imp (They have names too! Mine imp’s name is Marvin!) He will say if its hotter or colder when your looking for Jack. (You want to get to the cold area!) Don’t run because the imp can only walk, losing him doesn’t help.


Do you see the white patches on the map? (Open your map because I got a crappy shot) Those are where Price Jack May be at. No one will have the same exact position where jack is. So go to one of the white patches, and check your imp. The imp will tell you if it has gotten hotter or colder then the temperature of the area. (Ex: It’s hotter than before. Its cool here.) Then try to find Jack (Remember try to get into colder areas!) This could take a long time so be patient.


This will show when you find him. He will freeze you but the Ice Amulet will help you. The imp will tell you, after Jack has teleported, that he can take you to him. You will also unlock freezing emote!


When you get there, Jack will tell you to come get him. Walk over to him and be careful, the ice is slippery! You have to slid and hit him, when you do he will say,”Oof” and hit the ice shards behind him. After that there is a scene with the Ice Queen and Santa Clause. You still interact in it though, like pressing the blue button when they talk.

You will notice that the ice scuptule is actually santa clause. You defrost him and get your prize! Santa Suit and another Emote! That’s it your done!

Thank you for reading and I hope I had helped you. I’ll will make another one with the next special event so see you then! Please comment telling me if it helped you or not. Lets me know if I am helpful.


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