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Ayers’ Rock Changes Colors Everyday

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We have often heard about the Chameleon changing its color, but any hill doing so seems

to be a strange happening. There is a hill in South Australia called Ayers’ Rock that

changes its color everyday and in every season. It also known as Uluru in the aboriginal


The hill was first discovered by an English traveler W.G. Gosse in 1873. Those days Henry Ayers was the prime minister of South Australia hence this rock was named after him. It is an oval hill measuring 7km. in length and 2.4km in width. Its height is 348m. Ayers’ rock is made of sandstone which is also called Conglomerate.

The hill is of red color. The remarkable changes in its color occur during sunrise and

sunset. When the suns rays fall on it in the morning, it seems as if the entire hill is on fire and violet and deep red flames come out of it.

From the morning till evening, this hill changes color from yellow to orange, then to red and at times to violet or even black. One might even think it a magic hill or there is some supernatural miracle about it. But the reason is that this rocks structure is such that it changes color according to the change in the angle of the suns rays, weather and also because of special structure often rocks sandstone.

During the sunrise and sunset, the sun’s rays have more of orange and red color, because the other colors are scattered by the dust particles present in the atmosphere. Tribal people living in that region believed it to be the abode of god and used to worship it in the caves at its base.

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