Some seconds leave lifelong scars!

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Life is really strange, and at times it becomes more unpleasant. On some occasions, some moments may leave lifelong scars. Recently, post Holi, Mumbai people were shocked after reading how two 13-year-old girls were groped on busy street in Bandra by some guys, in the name of festival. No one came for their help, no one heard their helpless wails, and no one had guts to protest. Instead, police took the girls to the slum area for identification of the culprits. Was that a sane act for the police to do this? And on top of this, the neighbours and family members of the accused threatened the girls with dire consequences if they identify.

Security itself became unsecured! On whom can we trust? This question lingers in every mind these days. There are countless incidents where our so called ‘security’ is involved in gruesome incidents, for eg. rape of a teenage girl in Marine Drive a couple of years ago by a cop, who challenged by saying that he is with Mumbai police and nobody could do anything to him. What happened to the girl who underwent this trauma? We are unaware!

In another incident, a year ago, a psychopath stabbed a girl more than 10 times in a broad day light in Thane, where a huge crowd gathered. No one came for her rescue, and she died after some time.

There are countless incidents which are lost somewhere, but are fresh in the memories of victims. Women are not that safe as we think. We get to know what happened, when happened only when we happen to read newspapers or through media, but what about the women who become victim and no one ever comes to know?

On one occasion, I was at Dadar station at around 11 pm, and I saw a girl running after a man. Before I could understand anything, she started slapping him and abusing. And the man ran by catching train. I asked her what happened, and she was embarrassed to reveal that he touched’ her. Before anyone could do anything, he was gone, so was the girl.

And yesterday night at Andheri railway station, I was waiting for MY friend at around 9, when a Virar local came from Chruchgate. I saw a girl trying to get down with her male partner when some guys pushed the man aside and groped the girl by pulling her hair. This happened within seconds, hardly 5 seconds, and they rushed inside the packed train and vanished with it. The guy came, took his friend away and she rearranged her hair and clothes with helplessness in her eyes.

Women and girls are victims of these sadists who gratify themselves. Wonder who will protect them when they go alone. Media only comes forward for the sake of formality/publicity, just to cover the sensational news, to make their media the best medium. People from government come forward for some time to show as if they care’, and the cases go on and on incidents fade with time, media forgets incidents and pitches for new ones. Things get hot for some weeks, and then life goes on. And for women, some seconds leave lifelong scars. And no one knows if the girl of Andheri slept comfortably last night or was traumatized.


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