Stay at home moms vs. working moms

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Most moms worked prior their baby born. However after the baby born it can be a hard decision to go back to work or stay at home with the baby. Some moms have to go back to work within few weeks or few months after the baby born for many different reasons.

Many moms chose to stay at home to watch the kids grow and to take a good care of them. Stay at home moms wear many different hats at home (they do house keeping, cooking, taking care of the kids, teaching, etc.)  Many moms with few kids decide to stay at home because it makes more economical sense than going back to work and pay for the day care.

Many working moms have to take their babies or toddlers to the day care center while they go to work. There are many day care centers or learning centers open for business. Day care center is a big business, most of day care centers can take baby as young as 6 weeks old.

Stay at home moms have the advantage to make sure the kids get the best care possible and spend more time with the kids. Stay at home moms also need to take a break from her everyday routine taking care of the kids. Rejuvenate yourself, ask your spouse or someone that you trust to take care of the kids. Take a Long shower, do a spa treatment or spend time with a girlfriend can help moms to relax and restore their energy.

There are also many disadvantages for a stay at home mom to try to go back to work after many years out of the work force. Some companies start her as an entry level employee, while many of other career women at the same age and education already at their top level position.

Is working from home the solution?? It isn’t easy for a mom with young children to work from home that require a lot of time commitment to do the work. The perfect work for stay at home moms are the works that she can do whenever she has a little bit of spare time.


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