Rock Camp

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It is the best camp for musicians and a really great place to make new friends. the camp lasts 2 weeks and let me tell you those 2 weeks are always the best 2 weeks of the year. at the end of the 2 weeks they organize a concert at the capitol theater so you get to perform in front oh around 900 people!

It’s an amazing experience! they really teach you what its like to be in a band and give you allot of good tips if you want to make a band and trying to get somewheres with it. I’ve been going to that camp for 5 or 6 years now and every year it just keeps getting better and better. the people there are really friendly and awesome guys! it never gets boring at that camp! if your a musician its the best place to be in summer and you are guaranteed to love it!but if you are over 17 I’m sorry but this camp is only for people between 7 an 17 i think but if your not passed 17 its an awesome experience and I’m sure you would love it!

Every time that its over I always tell my friends that I cant wait for next year to go back to camp and see them there again. But sadly this year is going to be my last I think. but I’m going to keep looking for a band outside of that camp so I can jam and write songs with. I know some people that can get us in shows and stuff but I cant seem to find a band. I can play guitar and bass and a little bit of drums. i’m hopeing that some day i will find a band that will stay together and then we could start playing shows.


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